Spanning over twenty years, our staff has heard stories from tribal communities of failed projects and great successes.  We have come to understand what works in Indian Country and what can go wrong.   Although the barriers to creating economic success are complex, we have identified some of the most common areas in which organizations can take action now.

Seat of the pants” decision making

  • Making the same mistake “over and over again”
  • Lack of reliable data including assessments, financial statements and reports

A “shell shock environment

  • Lack of communication
  • Not knowing what is going on in the organization
  • Lack of a strategic communication process that reaches all employees

Classic politics” driving bad decisions

  • Underdeveloped leadership and managers
  • Selection of staff based on political favors rather merit
  • Government and enterprise instability creating poor results

Not being able to “get things done

  • Having expectations an uneducated workforce can produce at a level above their ability
  • Middle management inexperience in coaching and managing staff
  • Lack of education,  transition and orientation

Everyone doing their own thing

  • Lack of a compelling Vision
  • Settling for “how it always has been” rather than striving for something better
  • Not developing a vision that people understand and embrace
  • Not developing strategies and plans that support the achievement of the vision


Over time, we have discovered several insights about tribal organizations:

  1. Culture influences “how we think” and “what is important.”
  2. Styles of governance impact almost all critical decisions.
  3. “Talk is cheap” and organizational capability must be developed to achieve goals.
  4. Action programs need to be put in place to “make it happen.”

We have developed methods to address crucial issues facing tribal people today. Working with you, we use proven organizational tools such as change management, strategy clarification, organizational design, and project management.

Let us help you identify the improvement opportunities of your tribe or enterprise with a quick assessment. Contact us for a free consultation.